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Packing Food Backpacks.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email!

Please put 'Volunteering' in the subject line and Morgan will be in contact with you to discuss the current opportunities available. 

Some of the volunteer opportunities include: 

Weekly packing of backpacks, bagging bulk rice and oatmeal into smaller portions, double bagging plastic bags, helping with our annual craft fair or other fundraisers. 

Taking donations


Fundraising is a great way to support our program! This can be done on your Facebook page anytime during the year (not just for your birthday!) 

To create a Fundraiser on Facebook, follow these instructions. 

Desktop Computer:

1. Click on the "Fundraisers" button on the left hand column when looking at your "News Feed".

2. Scroll down to where it says "Get Started with Facebook Fundraisers.

3. Click on "Raise Money for a Non-Profit."

4. Search "Central Kitsap Food Backpacks 4 Kids"

5. Follow the prompts and fill out the questions! 


1. Open Facebook App and click on the menu button (3 horizontal lines).

2. Scroll down until you see "Fundraisers." (You might need to click "See More" to find this.)

3. Press "+Create Fundraiser" at the top, then select "Nonprofit.

4. Search for "Central Kitsap Food Backpacks 4 Kids"

5. Follow the prompts and fill out the questions! 


By Mail

Donations can be made by sending a check to:

P.O. Box 1185

Silverdale, Washington 98383


Donations can be made online via PayPal. Please click the link below to be redirected to PayPal.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

By Email

If you are interested in donating non-perishable food, please email to set up a time that works best to drop off the donation.

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